1200 Techniques Happy Their Sony Deal Is Up

1200 Techniques frontman Nfamas tells Australia’s Time Off magazine they couldn’t be happier with their newly found independent status after fulfilling their deal with Sony. “We’ve been pinned in by this Sony contract for ages, which, to be honest, really held us back,” Nfamas said. “Even though we were independent, we distributed through them. It’s kind of weird because the Australian office doesn’t really talk to the New York office and they don’t speak with the London office. You’ll do something and the Australian guys will be like, ‘Yeah, we want to get this stuff overseas’, but the overseas guys don’t really speak to them so nothing happens. Thankfully we were only on a two-album deal and as good as it was, to be independent is much better for us. We have things back in our own hands, doing it our own way. We do what we like and make a move when we want. It’s just a better way to be.”

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