50 Cent And Others Arrested After Vibe Awards

Contributed Anonymously:

According to K-Sly of 100.3 The Beat, was arrested after the Vibe Awards erupted in violence last night. As most of you know, Dr. Dre was attacked backstage right before he was supposed to recieve his “Lifetime Achievement Award”! The G-Unit was also backstage and if you know 50, you know he doesn’t play around when it comes to things like this. When 50 saw what was going on, he jumped in and according to eye-witnesses, he was literally beating down two men at the same time, then moved on to another. 50 was caught on tape so later into the night, the police show up during the show, handcuff 50 and others who were involved in the violence and take them. Now of course this caused even more drama! When people saw 50 was being arrested, there was a huge comotion and of course people started yelling 50’s slogan (G-g-g-g Unit) to show their support for 50. At the end of the night, 5 people were seriously hurt (3 of them hurt by 50) and one person was stabbed (it’s rumored that it was someone associated with G-Unit). Let’s just hope 50 doesn’t get charged with anything, seeing as he was acting in self-defense (but we all saw what happened to Shyne. He acted in self defense and now he’s doing time).

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