50 Cent Beef Erupts At Hot 97 Summer Jam

Contributed Anonymously:

caused quite a ruckus at Hot 97’s Summer Jam at Giant’s Stadium in New Jersey on Saturday! First, he showed a video of a fake awards show that honored The Source as the worst rap magazine and a three-way tie between , Black Child, and as the worst rappers, also giving Lil’ Kim the award for most plastic surgery. He then antagonized the crowd, resulting in chairs being hurled at the stage! (The fight was allegedly started by Bang Em’ Smurf, 50’s latest nemesis). Fifty even dissed R. Kelly, the next performer, my mocking him and his latest troubles, and refused to get off the stage. A huge gang of police came, and 50 challenged them saying, “Go ahead, pull me off, I’ll sell even more records.” Hot 97 staff eventually had to cut 50’s mic off.

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