50 Cent Comments On ‘Graduation’ Vs. ‘Curtis’ Upcoming Chart Battle

Complex magazine caught up with for a Q&A, where the G-Unit mainman responded to Kanye West’s thought that he’d rather be number two with his new album ‘Graduation’ on the day where everyone cares about hip-hop (ie. September 11th, the same day 50 releases ‘Curtis’). “I think it makes good sense for Kanye West to keep his date the same as 50 Cent,” he explained. “First I was like, ‘What is he doing?’ like, ‘It’s gonna kill him.’ And then I go, ‘No, it does make sense.’ His record is actually going backwards on the radio right now so—to make people think that there’s a competition between 50 Cent and Kanye West is a great promotion. Because it’s like, ’50 Cent, Kanye West who you think is gonna win?’ But Kanye should have never said that he would accept [#2]— he already knows that he doesn’t mind being number two because he knows he’s going to be number two. If he would have kept it like it was a challenge, I think his base, his fans would have tried to support it and it would’ve been like, ’50 Cent, Kanye West who’s going to win?’ That would have made it an even greater promotion.”

The entire interview at complex.com has since been removed.

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