50 Cent Disses Croatia And India In Radio Interview

was on a radio show dissing Croatia, its capital city Zagreb, and India. 50 said regarding the television show which reportedly caught him doing cocaine before a concert, “You got these co**suckers, they all over the place. They’re trying to make news. You end up on MediaTakeOut, ConcreteLoop, Bossip, enjoying themselves.”

Asked if he wanted to get the rumor out of the way, 50 responded, “Why get it out of the way? If they’re entertained, let them say it so they can be entertained. Like cocaine? SNIFFFF… Maybe that will encourage these idiots to use more cocaine. It’s helpful for the food chain, the cycle. When ni**as use cocaine, other ni**as get rich. They buy nice things. Just hopefully they pick up a pair of G-Unit sneakers, shirt, hat CDs, sh** like that.”

Asked if he’d return to Croatia, 50 responded, “Motherfu** Croatia. I don’t have to go back to Croatia. They lucky I showed up the first time. The motherfu**ers. What is my career gonna be like if I skip Croatia for the rest of my motherfu**in life?”

As for the rumor India was mad at him for pulling his pants down, 50 responded, “You know India, they’re real sensitive to sexual issues. They’ll shoot a ni**a in a minute. As far as the sex is concerned, they’re sensitive. Motherfu**er, I’m sensitive to India. I look out the back window, I see pigs goin down the alley. Six or seven pigs. I don’t even see a gate holdin’ the motherfu**ers. Them motherfu**ers is trained. The pigs spawn like dogs in that motherfu**er. CK’s getting an attitude cause those are his people. Go and talk to America Habibi.”

Listen to the audio clip below the fold.

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