50 Cent Entertains Himself With $500,000

had plenty of fun with stacks of cash that totaled $500,000. The rapper told his Twitter followers (@50 Cent):

I’m eating good baby and I’m still hungry. Lol
A half a mill for lunch anyone ?lol
I’m designing a house now I have a good idea. Lol
Who said I don’t have a heart. Lol
This is the life baby I’m going to Vegas to gamble with floyd ill double this quick.
Holy sh** bat man I think I’m rich. Lol
I don’t know what I’m going to do today but I’m going to have fun. Do you believe me?

View the photos after the cut.

50 Cent makes a heart with a half million
50 Cent has fun with a half million
50 Cent is all aces with a half million
50 Cent feels rich with a half million
50 Cent lunches on half a million
50 Cent feeling hungry in front of a half million
50 Cent makes a house with a half million

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4 thoughts on “50 Cent Entertains Himself With $500,000

  1. lakiesha lminggio says:

    hello curtis jackson i just want to start off by saying that I LOVE YOU would do anything to meet you …am not crazy i am a very intelligent woman i live in va…norfolk and i just think that you are a remarkable man i love the way u carry yourself ..don’t know if you will ever receive this but my name is kiesha by the way …

  2. christo masango says:

    YOU ARE THE MAN…i just don’t know why GOD can’t give me a chance one day or money. Go to America meet you..code this your my best best ever artist..by the way am from South Africa….you rock…your the best….

  3. Serita says:

    Hi Curtis My name is Serita I just want to let you no i am a big fan of yours in i respect you in look up to you you are truly a god gifted talent i am not gonna lie i have a major crush on you in think you are so attractive to me i currently live in NY in would love too meet you in person one day you would make my wish come true well stay blessed in keep that body right i like what i see handsome

  4. Fombutu Bona says:

    “O.K you are right” ever since get rich or die tying, you live up to my expectation and keep me a winner always. Never let me fall, watch your back and make sure you stay 4 ever 50. Despite all(…..), you do your thing and stay the greatest. I swear, there is no competition!

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