50 Cent Gets Physical With C.J.

C.J. of the Minnesota Star Tribune had an interesting interview with when he dropped by B96, the Edina FM station, on Friday to promote G-Unit’s new CD, ‘Beg for Mercy.’ She says, “During a break, I experienced the most unusual interview of my career. 50 and I became real tight. Wrapping his massive arm around my waist, 50 forced me into his personal space (and vice versa). He was seated. All I can say is thank goodness for the barrier created by a chair arm. This awkward position, which a B96 video recorded, did not preclude me from asking tough questions.” Asked what went wrong with his relationship with Vivica A. Fox, 50 responded, “It just wasn’t a good situation. If it was a good situation, I would have stayed. I was comfortable with it, but I didn’t feel like we were headed in the right directions.”

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