50 Cent, Getting Rich Without Really Trying

The Washington Post’s David Segal reviewed the show at the D.C. Armory on Sunday night. He writes of the delayed performance, “What’s keeping 50? Money, apparently. In a bolt-locked room on the Armory’s second floor, Mike Lighty, a representative from Violator, the company that manages 50, and one of this show’s promoters, Von Black, are counting great wads of cash on a small table and wrapping the wads in elastic bands. Both men agree it totals $18,500, and both men agree that the total price for the performance this evening is $30,000. But they differ on the size of the upfront check that 50’s management team was already sent. The dispute boils down to this: Unless Lighty is handed an additional $1,500, Mr. Cent won’t be visiting the D.C. Armory any time soon.”

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