50 Cent: I’d Have Made Soulja Boy Into Lil Romeo

Buckshot called into Sirius Satellite’s Shade 45 to speak with , speaking out about how the G-Unit mainman is doing it right running his own label. 50 then discussed ’s efforts to sell a million records in a week, and how he claimed 50 said he would have signed Soulja Boy if he hadn’t already been with Collipark. “I’m like look, I like Soulja Boy. I like the idea of someone 16-years-old making hit records,” 50 said. “I think he’s going in the wrong direction though, cause I wouldn’t allow him to curse at all. I’d have took Soulja Boy and made this Nickelodeon play. I’d have turned him into Lil Romeo.” When Buckshot mentioned Bow Wow, 50 continued, “Look how long Bow Wow had that run.” Listen to the interview below.

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One thought on “50 Cent: I’d Have Made Soulja Boy Into Lil Romeo

  1. zinnah says:

    Lil romeo is so sexy

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