50 Cent Keeps Romances Secret After Vivica

The Sunday Herald spoke with about his relationship with Vivica A. Fox which has ended with the pair trading insults in the press and at press conferences. “I’m experiencing all kind of new things. I went out with a woman that I thought was a nice woman, Miss Vivica Fox, and she turned out to be a nice woman,” he said. “But I just didn’t know that I wasn’t allowed to go out with a woman in public. As you become a celebrity, I don’t think you should go out with anyone that you’re interested in romantically, unless you’ve been with that person to the point where you’ve already made up your mind. You shouldn’t be going out with her unless you’re engaged.” So now he’s keeping his romances secret. “Yeah. In order to keep people out of your business. While you’re keeping it a secret, you’ll have a million people in your business,” 50 explained. “And as soon as you go out publicly, you’ll have five million people in your business.”

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