50 Cent Launches MP3 Watch Line

Hot on the heels of his wildly
successful clothing line, sneaker line, and multi-platinum album,
America’s hottest rapper, , is back with something even
bigger: G-Unit Watches. The upscale line features everything from spinning bezels
to iced-out faces and even the world’s first MP3-playing watch. This
new line of wristwatches will be available in several styles, including the
Spinner Model, the Sport Line, and the MP3 Watch.

The Spinner Model, which has the look of today’s hottest rims, gets
its name from its spinning bezel and crystal spinner protection. It comes
with a black rubber or stainless steel band, and is available with a plain
or diamond-encrusted case (1.45 to 2 carats of pave set full-cut diamonds).

Diamond customization is available upon request. The Spinner watch
three sub-dials and ETA Swiss chronograph quartz movements, ensuring
precision time-keeping.

The more casual Sport Watch is unisex and features mother-of-pearl dials
100% leather or rubber-injected stainless steel straps. The dials and
straps come in 18 different colors, including red, black, blue, and more.
These timepieces, which also feature ETA Swiss quartz movements, range in
price from $299 to $3500.

The first-of-its-kind MP3 watch will initially be available in 256 or 512
megabytes of storage (eight and 16 hours of music, respectively). A
one-gigabyte model will be available in Fall 2005. The MP3 watches feature
a stainless steel case and high-durability rubber strap. They maintain a
slim silhouette while still including fully functional play control buttons
and an equalizer, as well as a standard USB port for downloading music from
a computer. An audio adapter is included to make headphones compatible
the watch’s unique audio jack. Retractable earbud-style headphones
an AC adapter are also included.

All watches range in price from $299 to $3500, depending on style and
diamond setting, and will be available at retail outlets throughout the
country in July 2005.

“I’ve been into watches for quite some time,” says 50 Cent. “I
collect them. It’s only a natural progression for me to do business
in this area. I wanted to create quality watches that the general public
would be able to afford. You get the best of everything from G Unit, and
the watch collection is no different.”

50 Cent is undeniably one of hip-hop’s biggest names. Surrounded by
the cutthroat street life of the Queens drug culture virtually since birth,
50 was infamously shot nine times on the eve of his major label debut. He
waimmediately dropped by Columbia Records and then embarked on a long
struggle of rhyming on self-released mixtapes until his discovery by
Since then, he’s had two multi-platinum albums, 2003’s Get
or Die Tryin’ and 2005’s The Massacre, and successful lines of
clothing and sneakers. 50 Cent is currently filming his starring role in
Get “Rich or Die Tryin’,” an Interscope/Shady/Aftermath and MTV
Films production. Most of all, 50 Cent is an artist blessed with that rare
ability to combine balls-out-realness with a heartfelt candidness that
speaks directly to the underdogs of the world.

About G-Unit Watches:

50 Cent, who already dominates the hip-hop and clothing games, will debut
his first jewelry line with the launch of G-Unit Watches. This
watch line features several innovative design touches, including spinning
bezels and the world’s first MP3-playing watch. The Spinner Models
come with plain or diamond-encrusted faces, and feature spinning bezels and
crystal spinner protection. The MP3 Watches will be the first of their
kind, able to store up to one gigabyte of music (240 songs). There is a
range of face and band options, including diamond customization, available
upon request. Both models feature ETA Swiss chronograph quartz movement to
insure precision timekeeping. While the most basic watches start at around
$350, the severely diamond-studded ones top out at around $3500. The line
will be available at national retail outlets beginning in July 2005.

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