50 Cent On Last Call With Carson Daly

was on Last Call with Carson Daly on Friday to perform ‘In Da Club’ and ‘Wanksta’. 50 also talked with Carson about getting signed by , the big success of his debut ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin” – despite the bootleggers, and more. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: Welcome back. You just heard my next guest perfor now it’s
time to talk. Say “what up” to 50 Cent!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: 50! Hot! I told em — he came through. You know, em didn’t do
any press for “8 mile.” But he came to mtv the day it came. And I was like,
you know — ani’ve known esince it all started with him. And I was like,
“em, I’m done with you. I’m rollin’ with 50 now.”

[ Applause ] “I’m done.” Of course I said that because 50’s on em’s
label, so it all works out. There’s been so much hype for this album. Well,
it’s out now.

50 Cent: Yeah.

Carson: A little bittersweet, though? Because I know you had to move
the release date up. There were some bootlegging problems?

50 Cent: Yeah. I think the bootleggers already showed them our value
through putting out other mixtape cds that sold so well that they —

Carson: Did somebody make a lot of money?

50 Cent: Somebody made a lot of — — made a lot of money.

Carson: Yeah?

50 Cent: Yeah.

Carson: But your album — I don’t know if you guys know the numbers.
Like, the first day, it was like 400 — the first five days, it was like

50 Cent: Yeah.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: You know, ’cause it really — I mean, in theory, you look at
— you know, you look at, lik jay-z d em — I mean, they’ve be in the game
a minute now. For th to have move their release date up, you know, is kind
of expected. They’re used to it. But for you —

50 Cent: It’s my debut.

Carson: Yeah, it’s your debut. I mean, what does that even feel like?
I mean, to be honored so early?

50 Cent: It feels crazy. Like, I’m so excited. You know, like, I feel
like the mixtape circuit was my own form to get a chance to show a quality
performance over and over.

Carson: Right.

50 Cent: Now I’m convinced that people are purchasing bootlegs because
we’re not putting out really good material. You know, they’re tired of
being beat, buying albums that only have two good songs on ’em

[ Cheers and applause ] And —

Carson: That’s crazy. So, you know, you kind of get the bootleggers’
mentality, a little bit.

50 Cent: Yeah. ‘Cause, you know — and I feel like the mixtapes are
the largest form of promotion for unsigned artists.

Carson: Right.

50 Cent: If you can gain notoriety enough to be bootlegged, that would
be the largest form of promotion for you.

Carson: You’re so hot. And it’s been such a big wave before this album
came out and now — and now and forever. But for somebody — you know,
how come — why em andre you could’ve gone anhere.

50 Cent: But, creatively, that’s the best place for me.

[ Applause ]

Carson: Did you take a lot of heat from — anybody give you a hard time
about that desion?

N no. You know what? They didn’t ev think that situation was possible.
‘Cause when they come back, they go, “he’s with em and dre,” they go —

[ Laught ]

Carson: Like that’s the dream team.

50 Cent: Yeah. “How’d that happen?”

[ Light laughter ] You know, he’s in L.A. He’s in detroit.

Carson: Right.

50 Cent: 50’s out in new york. How’d that happen?

Cson: You probably heard it, but on one of the tapes there’s a meage
that em left sha money that- it’s kinda hard to hear. I’gonna play ido.
But this w the first glimpse, wh iea I jt kw and hear his excitement out
you. So you can listen. This was an actual voice message left on a machine.

50 Cent: Hi, what up?

It’s em.


This [ Bleep ] 5do

is the illest [ Bleep ]

Alive in the world.

Just listeneeir so ain.

The penitentiary

I quit.

I quit rap.

I quit.

Carson: He says, “I quit. I quit rap.”

[ Cheers and applause ] I play that ju — so like an audience that might
be watching that doesn’t know your stuff that well but can relate to em
and what has happened with him, all that. They can get sort of a point
of reference.

50 Cent: Right.

Carson: Big deal was made, a million.

50 Cent: Yeah.

Carson: What kind of stuff did you buy?

50 Cent: O man. I bought my moms a new car.

Carson: Yeah?

50 Cent: Yeah, I bought her a benz. She was excited, like — I wanna
move them, but she’s so attached to the home that she put — that’s their
accomplishment all their life, so —

Carson: She’s not movin’.

50 Cent: Yeah. She’s bein’ stubborn.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: How much of this and what’s going on with you is just fate?
You’ve been shot a bunch of times.

50 Cent: Yeah.

Carson: I mean, for — it’s not even a joke that for legitimate reasons,
you should be dead.

50 Cent: Yeah.

Carson: How much of this, now that you’re still here, and you say in
the rhyme — it’s like, “but I’m still breathin’.”

50 Cent: Yeah.

Carson: How much of this is like, do you feel, is your destiny?

50 Cent: I think all of it. I feel like the things you go through make
you who you are.

[ Applause ] And write — I wouldn’t be able to write the same music
if I didn’t experience the same things, you know?

Carson: Right.

50 Cent: I mean, there’s a point where you use the tool of engrossment,
where you expand things a little. You know, being creative — that’s the
portion where you start. Like, all artists go in the booth to see what
sounds good. But there’s a larger portion of my life in my music than the
other — my peers.

Carson: Right.

50 Cent: And, like, I think em — that’s why I’m such a big eminem fan.
‘Cause that’s where we’re similar. His life is different, but it’s in his
music. Or you wouldn’t know weis, you woulo kim is, what his relationship
with his mom is.

Carson: Right.

50 Cent: You know, those things, that’s what he writes about. And that’s,
like, where we find the same line. That’s what I think drew him to me when
he heard my music.

Carson: Did you have to freestyle for em?

50 Cent: Well, we got into, like, a little battling thing.

Carson: He was tellin’ me about it. I didn’t know if he was joking or
not. He was like, “any artist I sign has to battle me.”

50 Cent: Yeah. You know what? Like, he[ Lauger ] You know what I mean?

Carson: Whad he do? D some rhymes from a cd?

50 Cent: No, he let me go first.

[ Light laughter ] And thenyou know, if he es behind you, he’s gonna
beat you. No matter who you are or you’re not. You know, emin is probably
the most talented person I came across so far.

Carson: Right.

50 Cent: ‘Cause he has a lot of different hats he wears, you know, as
far as producing records. You know?

Carson: Right.

50 Cent: Like, he produced two records on my album. And they’re, like,
really hot records. You know what I’m saying?

Carson: He did “patiently waiting”?

50 Cent: “Patiently waiting,” he produced that and performed on it with

Carson: Right.

50 Cent: Like, the “8 mile” soundtrack, he produced almost the whole

Carson: Right. Jam master jay was a big mentor to you.

50 Cent: Yeah.

Carson: Obviously another tragedy in hip-hop. So much of — how much
— I mean, I know you gotta wear the vests, you roll deep. How much of
that is a concern to you now as you blow up? ‘Causeow, you listen to your
rhymes you’re not shying away from the controversy.

50 Cent: Mm-hmm.

Carson: You’re still writing provocative lyrics and, you know, calling
a spade a spade.

50 Cent: ‘Cause it’s not gonna change. My situations aren’t gonna change
by me becoming popular. I think I become more of a target.

Carson: The more popular you get?

50 Cent: Yeah.

Carson: So how do you change your security measures the more popular
you get?

50 Cent: I just — it’s not even security measures. I just gotta change
my people, places and things. I can’t be in the same environment and progress
as far as I am with the people that I used to hang out with, not doing

Carson: Right.

50 Cent: ‘Cause, you know, it’s just — em, I think more people hate
eminem than people hate 50 Cent. Just it’s a different class of peopl

Carson: Yeah, it certainly is.

50 Cent: Yeah, you know what I mean?

[ Lauger you know, I’m from the bottom, so there’s people that hate
me that have absolutely nothing to lose.

Carson: Are all those people that had a problem with you — are they
still around, or are they — is it, like, all gone now?

50 Cent: There’s still some situations out there, yeah.

Carson: Do you worry about it, at all? I mean, you escaped death so

50 Cent: Nah, man, I’m soakin’ it up. They need to get a look at me
on “the carson daly show.”

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: I’ve been waiting for you, dog. I should get a point on your
record. I’ve been pumpin’ you up and talking about — we had tom brokaw
on, the news guy, and I’m somehow workin’ in a 50 Cent reference. I’m like,
“you got that, tom?” He’s like, “no, 50 Cent — ”

50 Cent: See, you got — this is bulletproof. This — part five right

Carson: Oh, you got it.

50 Cent: So you got the first four. You can’t get that one yet, ’cause
that’s brand-new.

Carson: Oh, thank you very much.

50 Cent: I put that one out two days after the album came out. And it
didn’t hurt my record sales.

Carson: Good for you, man. Thank you.

[ Applause ] Thank you. I just wanna mention — you’re doing — em’s
layin’ low. I think he’s doin’ one show in ’03, and he’s doing it with
you and obie and missy. What’s this? This is in detroit?

50 Cent: Yeah. We’re going to perform out there.

Carson: One day at forbes field.

50 Cent: Yeah.

Carson: All right, cool, man. Thank you for being here. You gonna play
one more for us.

50 Cent: Yeah.

Carson: Congratulations, man. You’re always welcome here, anytime.

[ Cheers and applause ] 50 Cent! He’ll perform when we get back right
after this. Thank you, dog.

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