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stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday to hype his new DVD and premiere his new video for ’21 Questions’. 50 denied he was dating Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles and shared his thoughts on the Ja Rule beef, and the latest diss track he and Eminem made for the Murder Inc. crew. Read on for a transcript.

TRL: Right now, y’all, it don’t get no bigger than this. I’m telling
you, the man who’s holding it down t man who’s got the rap game in the
choke hold, the hottest emcee out, you all make some noise for my man,
50 cent!

[ Cheers and applause ]

50 Cent: What’s up? Yeah!

TRL: You them going crazy. 50 cent. Bow, my man. Been looking out. Even
on my record I’m borrowing stuff from your rhyming stuff.

TRL: You don’t like me.

50 Cent: He don’t like me.

TRL: He don’t like me.

TRL: Looking out. Everybody want to be in the 50 cent game. Hey, your
lyrics are looking out very special. You know, we squashing this right
now. Right now. Man, you are holding it down so big, man, doing big things.
Congratulations on everything. And, you know, last time us here we’re going
to get into the questions. You know how we do. Because we say anything,
and here at trl we love artists who keep it real.

50 Cent: That’s whassup.

TRL: That’s whassup. All right, now, here, last time you was here, you
and jay-z were supposed to be linking up. You got into the studio and done
anything yet?

50 Cent: We actually had an opportunity — haven’t had an opportunity
to record anything yet. But we have some ideas working on. We’ll get to

TRL: That’s real big. All right. That would be hot.

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: And I heard. Y’all supposed to be going out on tour or something?

50 Cent: Yeah. We’re touring together, me and jay-z are going to hit
the road so we’ll be in a city near you.

TRL: That’s real, real, real big! All right. Now, i ain’t even going
to front you know, being a big-time artist selling records, but the rumors
come. And the one i just heard today, dog, you know, all the ladies are
loving 50 and they’re attaching you to hottest ladies out there. This is
what i heard. You ain’t hear this from me. But what’s up with beyonce,
dog? I heard something. That’s what i heard.

50 Cent: That’s a rumor, man. That’s jay-Z.

TRL: See? We setting it straight here right now.

50 Cent: Yeah.

TRL: That’s the 50 — we set that straight. That’s just what I had heard.
You heard that too? 50 set it straight. All right, cool, cool. All right.
Now, i heard this hot track, because I’m just out here and i heard they’re
playing this hot joint with you and em. Talking about some stuff with ja
rule and stuff.

[ Cheers and applause ] Of course we know about that. But how did em
get involved in the whole situation? I thought it was just you and ja?

50 Cent: They have differents, but when people get desperate they’re
like let’s take a shot at em. You know?

TRL: So you got him back.

50 Cent: He’s at home right now, going i hate 50. He’s desperate.

TRL: All right. All right. That’s real big. So, we have much more with
50 and clifton high school, doing it real big. We have his hot new video
“21 questions” world premiere here. It will be real big. 50 cent holding
it down.

[ Cheersnd applause ]

TRL: You know, 50 cent has been interviewed by some of the biggest in
the business and now he’s going to get interviewed by one of clifton high
school’s brightest. Please welcome the editor of the clifton high school
newspaper, alicia. Make some noise!

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: All right, are you ready for this?

Alicia: I’m ready.

TRL: All right. Now, like, you know, before interviewing 50 which was
your biggest interview before this?

Alicia: Right before this the sports section i had an interview with
track and bowling p but this is my biggest so far because I’m interviewing
50 cent.

TRL: Yeah, yeah. You all prepared? You prepared, got all your information?
All right.

Alicia: Yeah.

TRL: Do your thing. Get to it.

Alicia: Okay. I know 50 cent is a metaphor for change. How did you bring
about a positive change in your life?

50 Cent: Music is the biggest positive thing for me. I stay in the studio
or stay doing it as much as possible because it’s the best thing that ever
happened to me.

Alicia: Glad to hear that.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Alicia: [ Laughter ] years from now, how do you want people to remember
50 cent?

50 Cent: Oh, man, I don’t quit. You know?

Alicia: Just keep going and going at it?

50 Cent: Yeah. I think a man’s greatness is determined by the obstacles
that he overcomes.

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: Doing a great job, alicia. How was that to interview 50 cent you
on your way now?

Alicia: Yeah, it is amazing.

TRL: Uh-huh. Cool, cool. We’ll keep the countdown going, moving. He’s’s
your number seven, J.Lo, “I’m glad.” Real big.

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: Yeah! That was your number seven video video. J.Lo, “I’m glad.”
I’m here with my man, 50 cent. Hey, that J.Lo video is off the hook, right?

50 Cent: Yeah, man.

TRL: All of that, just working it out.

50 Cent: She’s doing it.

TRL: For real. All right H. Is real big, now. You a lot bigger than
me and this is your video, so I’m going to go ahead. Step to the side and
let you world premiere your new video right now. 50 cent.

50 Cent: What’s up? This is 50 cent. For first time anywhere, here on
trl, my new video, qs qs. Check it out, soon to be number one!

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: The world premiere of 50 cent’s “21 questions.” I think clifton
high school felt you on that one right there.

TRL: That was off the hook.

TRL: See if the rest of america did too. Great song.

TRL: Definitely.

TRL: Log on to mtv.Com or call 800-dial-mtv. Maybe number one tomorrow.

TRL: I saw you taking your clothes off, showing the tattoo on the back.
What’s up with that? The ladies want to see that. The delays want to see
50’s tat.

50 Cent: This is a tattoo.

TRL: The new tattoo! Wow!

TRL: That must have hurt, dude!

Nick: I’m going to get me one. I’m going to get me one. I’m going to
get me one, dog.

TRL: What you gonna get on your back?

Nick: Not that big. I’m going to get a little nickel right here.

TRL: Nice.

TRL: Now, 50, i know you have a special surprise for the people in audience,

50 Cent: Oh, man.

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: We’re ready for it.

TRL: He’s got the new dvd —

50 Cent: The new dvd.

TRL: Coming out tomorrow. We’ve got one for everyone in the audience.

TRL: What’s the deal with this thing? What are we going to see on this?
Live concert footage?

50 Cent: Oh, man, we have some footage from performances in barcelona.
All right? And the actual release party was in detroit. It was off the
hook. Had a choice for me, shady was out there. We have a lot of footage
from c c-73.

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: All right. It will be airing an edited version on mtv real soon.
So check that out on the channel.

50 Cent: Yeah, check it out.

TRL: Definitely. But right now we have to go to break. We want to thank
my man 50 for coming through

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