50 Cent Says Ja Rule Has No Heat

Billy Johnson Jr. of Launch.com caught up with who laid down more heat on his beef with . “Ja Rule…you know what? He’s obsessed with me,” 50 said. “He likes me so much, I don’t know. I couldn’t pay for that kind of promotion! He goes everywhere, his whole radio tour–I mean it’s obvious that nobody cares about his Ja Rule record in the ‘hood. In the street, there’s no heat; his new record sucks, period. Like, you can’t keep doing the same thing. If you don’t step up and make better music, you just going to fade, you’ll go away. And his format, like his pop thing that he’s doing, it’s obvious he would like to sell records like 50 Cent sells records. He would like to be me if he could. As a matter of fact, he wouldn’t want to be me, he would like to be DMX or Tupac, you know what I’m saying? That’s who he would like to be, but he would like to sell records the way that they sell records, and the way I sell records is closer to that than what he’s doing. And it bothers him.” The transcript at yahoo.com has since been removed.

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