50 Cent Talks ‘Righteous Kill’, Album & Eminem’s Return

filled ITN in on what he’s been up to at the UK premiere of his new film ‘Righteous Kill’, adding that the public will be impressed with his friend ’s comeback album. “They’re not going to be excited until they hear the first single,” 50 said about Slim’s return. “And then they’re gonna go right back to lovin’ him all over again. We’ve seen this movie before, it’s a rerun. They’re gonna love Em like the first time he came and the music is – he’s in a real great space creatively.” Watch the red carpet interview via YouTube below.

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One thought on “50 Cent Talks ‘Righteous Kill’, Album & Eminem’s Return

  1. henry aka el chamo says:

    Hopefully em’ returns with some sick sh** like his know for…….not that bullsh** “touch m@ body”……..

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