50 Cent Talks Street King & Business On CNBC

visited CNBC’s ‘Power Lunch’ on Tuesday (October 25) to discuss his music ventures, the Street King energy drink project he started to feed hungry people, investing, the economy, his view on the Occupy Wall Street protesters, using Twitter as a tool in business, and plans to launch a consumer electronics company called SMS Audio.

“There’s really only one leader in that actual category, 5 Hour Energy Drink,” 50 said about entering that energy drink category with Street King. “To go into that category for me is exciting, and I feel like we’ve very fast become a competitor. I look at it and say to myself that this kind of project will be – it’s a different demographic. 5 Hour Energy is for an older demographic when your college student who has been up all night partying who has to go to school tomorrow may actually want Street King.”

Watch the interview below.

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