50 Cent Wins Best Rap Video For ‘In Da Club’

picked up the Best Rap Video for ‘In Da Club’ at the Video Music Awards on Thursday night. 50 and Eminem came up to accept the aware. 50 said, “Yeah. Oh, man. This is my first time, you know, I’ve been out here, this has been an incredible year for me. This moment right here is eminem’s moment, but I’m going to hold onto this one. I’m going to keep this one.” Eminem added, “Since you took mine, I’m taking yours, so we can do a little trade. Let me just say something quick. Every year you don’t get to keep these when you go back stage, they exchange them and everything, but 50 is the only person I’ve seen that got to keep a Moon Man.” Then 50 concluded, “I’m keeping these. I want to thank everybody at retail, everybody at radio, everybody that purchased my CD, thank y’all for coming out and making this a big event.”

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