50 Cent’s Bodyguards Rough Up NY Post Photographer

’s beefy bodyguards assaulted a New York Post photographer who was snapping the rap superstar on a Midtown street corner Wednesday afternoon. “One of the guys had a cast on his arm, and he cross-checked me into one of the two black Chevy Suburbans that were outside the store,” photographer Jim Alcorn told the Post’s Page Six. “I hit my head on the Suburban and fell on the street. They just stood over me laughing. There were about six or seven guys, all over six feet tall and about 350 pounds each. Instead of helping me up, they pulled me away from the car and dropped me in the street again. Then they took off.” Alcorn was treated in the emergency room of a local hospital, and says while he had a nasty headache, nothing was broken.

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