50 Cent’s Funny Bone Is No Laughing Matter

50 Cent hurts his funnybone

checked in with his Twitter followers (@50cent) earlier today, talking about suffering yet another injury after falling off a bicycle yesterday and messing up is leg. The G-Unit mainman tells readers:

Now my arm is f**ked up I hit my funny bone this sh*t hurt worst then falling of the bike.

Look man I think somebody put roots on me cause I keep get hurt for no reason.

It’s not that bad but if you ever hit your funny bone real hard before you know what I’m feeling

Strong people get hurt I just know how to shake it off. Lol

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One thought on “50 Cent’s Funny Bone Is No Laughing Matter

  1. big javo says:

    Fiity that’s bad for you man I can feel the kind of pain you’re going through any way quick recovery I love your style.

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