50 Cent’s Publicity Stunt Shooting Gone Bad?

The following was posted by x_fangirl at the celebrity blog ohnotheydidnt today: “Another thing that happened there a couple of years ago… staged a shooting. He was staying there (why he didn’t stay across the harbour in NYC is beyond me) and gun shots were fired… no one was meant to be actually hurt, it was just for publicity. Turns out, a bullet hit some scaffolding somewhere and it broke off and almost hit someone. So my uncle kicked him out of the hotel and 50 acted like an asshole saying that he was going to get the hotel closed down and that everyone was going to lose their jobs. There was a big misunderstanding cause of it and all these people got fired because of 50…. I know a lot of these people and know they would never mistreat a guest, and my uncle knew that too which is why he hired all of them back. To this day, if I mention 50 Cent around one of my friends there, he freaks out and starts cursing and talking about what a stuck up bastard he is.”

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