50 Cent’s Stop In Memphis Brief And Intense

Bill Ellis of GoMemphis.com reviewed ’s concert at the International Shell Entertainment Complex, where 50 extended his brief set from earlier shows apparently, rapping for about 45 minutes. Opening act the Clipse didn’t perform due to contractual issues, according to the show’s local promoter. Ellis writes, “Blasting forth on stage with the signature tune ‘U Not Like Me’, 50 Cent showed a confidence (and defiance) that needn’t hide behind the richly epic tracks which producers Dr. Dre and Eminem largely offered on the album. Live, the music – all chest-convulsing bass and vocals – became street slogans from this king of braggadocio, whose trademark bullet-proof vest is a symbol of his success as much as any gold chain: every one wants a piece of the guy.”

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