78 Year-Old Geneva Burger Sues Master P

City News Service reports a grandmother made an unwitting 15-word contribution to a rap song and has sued saying her privacy was invaded. Her voice is heard as the introduction to the song ‘No Limit,’ on artist Magic’s 1998 record Skys the Limit.The record was produced by Master P. The song is about marijuana use where Burger is quoted, “When people get hooked on pot, can they get sick if they don’t get it?”

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2 thoughts on “78 Year-Old Geneva Burger Sues Master P

  1. Karen Lamb says:

    Hilarious, that’s my adopted mother’s name.. she was 68 at the time, maybe it was a typo! I’m listening to this right now on another window, with YouTube, but I didn’t hear anything…..

  2. Karen Lamb says:

    Alright, it wasn’t her. Shoot, I was hoping…..

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