Bubba Sparxxx Livin Large With The Ladies

Bubba Sparxxx

Bubba Sparxxx tells Worldpop success as a rapper has its advantages with the opposite sex. Spraxxx revealed, “Let’s be honest, none of us will ever date a model. But I’ve actually indulged in a few! I know my limitations. I was the kind of person that could have one good-looking girl, not 10 exceptional women. But I definitely indulge!”

Bubba Sparxxx Lacks Variety

Bubba Spraxxx 'Dark Days, Bright Nights' album cover

Maurice Bottomley of PopMatters reviewed the debut offering from Bubba Spraxxx, ‘Dark Days, Bright Nights’, giving it tepid marks. Bottomley also used the review to sound off on Bubba and Eminem getting “more media attention than 95% of black rappers.” As for Spraxxx, he said, “What he lacks is variety — rhythmically and lyrically. Listen to this set then go to Big Daddy Kane, Rakim or Q-Tip and remind yourself how banal rap technique has become. Bubba doesn’t, thank God, just yell angrily at you but he really only talks into the mike — barely even riding the rhythm never mind having any attack or finesse to his stylings. He has one good idea: down home boy = down home wisdom, but it is just one idea and can’t quite sustain an album.” Read more.