Method Man & Redman ‘Mrs. International’ Video Ft. Erick Sermon

Method Man & Redman are out with the video to their new single ‘Mrs. International’, featuring Erick Sermon, the second release from the rap duo’s second studio album ‘Blackout! 2’, out now on Def Jam. Watch the Dale Restighini (a.k.a RAGE) and Kevin Custer directed video via YouTube below.

Erick Sermon Freestyle On Westwood’s Radio 1 Show

Erick Sermon dropped by Tim Westwood’s show on Radio 1 in London last weekend, laying down a freestyle. “I’m from the Golden Era, an ’80s baby,” Sermon raps. “Way before T.I., way before Shady, way before Luda, way before Baby, I rock it out for those who can’t lately.” Watch it via YouTube below.

Erick Sermon’s Message

Contributed by AdamBernard:

This week Erick Sermon sat down with to go over a host of things including who’s been calling him up to congratulate him on his new album (Redman and Fat Joe to name a few), what he thinks of XXL’s extremely negative review of ‘Chilltown, New York’, and how the listening youth can be saved from current radio playlists. Check out the in depth interview here.

Erick Sermon’s ‘Chilltown’ New York Is Pure Hip-Hop

Erick Sermon 'Chilltown' album cover

Contributed by AdamBernard:

Every once in a while an album comes out that reminds me of why I love Hip-Hop. Erick Sermon’s latest, ‘Chilltown, New York’, is one of those albums. ‘Chilltown, New York’ is so good you’ll even find yourself replaying the skits. While the green eyed bandit may never rival Twista when it comes to flow, or Canibus when it comes to lyricism, he has always held his own on the mic and this album is no different. There may not be a ton of quotables, but, simply put, there’s 50 minutes of great Hip-Hop. For the full review click here.

Erick Sermon ‘Feel It’ Video

Erick Sermon 'Feel It' music video

Erick Sermon is out with the video to his new single ‘Feel It’ featuring Sean Paul and Sy Scott. Watch it via YouTube below.

Top Erick Sermon Search Queries In November

Searches for Erick Sermon on pay-per search engine were pretty light in November, but the numbers are a bit deceiving. The rapper received 6,159 searches for the correctly spelled ‘Erick Sermon’, but actually had more searches for ‘Eric Sermon’ — 6,899 searches. His most searched for song was ‘React’.

Erick Sermon Can’t Explain Accident

Erick Sermon talked to following his bizarre accident on September 25 that left him hospitalized. Erick denied reports that it was a suicide attempt or that someone through him out a window, but honestly couldn’t figure out what happened. Sermon joked, “Redman said, ‘Somebody picked you up and threw you out?’ And Redman said, ‘E, ain’t nobody picked your big ass up and threw you nowhere!'”

Unfortunately they didn’t grill him to see if it was just some whacked publicity stunt for his new album.

Erick Sermon Accident No Accident is reporting that earlier reports of rapper Erick Sermon being involved in a major car accident are untrue, but that he jumped out of a window in an apparent suicide attempt. Paterson, New Jersey Lieutenant Anthony Traina told Launch, “He did jump out of a window. I don’t know if it was suicide. Maybe girlfriend problems?”

Rapper Erick Sermon Crashes Benz – Critical Condition

Rapper Erick Sermon suffered broken bones and internal bleeding after crashing his Mercedes-Benz into a cement highway divider on a highway on Friday.

Sermon was headed home following a video shoot and according to his publicist, Biff Warren, may have fallen asleep behind the wheel and skidded on the rain slicked highway.

Warren says Sermon was conscious and would survive the accident but will need many months to recover.

Sermon Changes Tune on Accident

Erick Sermon talked to MTV News to give what appears to be another explaination to his ‘don’t remember’ tale to Sermon revealed, “I’m 250 (pounds), I ain’t jumping from nothing. I just don’t get that. This is one of the best times in my life. Me jumping out the window, or trying to commit suicide, I was like ‘Are y’all serious?’ I’m like ‘Yo, where did they get that from?’ I just want to say that what they said is not true. I had just finished doing my video, I was excited about that. I was riding around, just happy and chillin’. Got to Jersey and that was it. Got to the wrong spot where I wasn’t supposed to be at. I woke up in the hospital.”