Worldwide Success Surreal For Mike Skinner

Australia’s Time Off magazine caught up with The Streets mainman Mike Skinner, who singled out an appearance on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ as one of the more surreal moments he’s had touring the world. “It gradually starts to feel less and less surreal,” he said. “Doing those big TV shows like Letterman feel quite weird because it feels so alien when you’re a kid, watching the telly. Like you don’t think you’ll ever be on ‘Top of the Pops’, but Letterman – it’s like a completely different world.”

Mike Skinner’s New Album A Big Change From Prior Efforts

Mike Skinner tells Australia’s Beat magazine he’s already six songs into the next The Streets new album, and he’s already seeing a change. “It’s very much more single songs – by that I mean the songs aren’t about me,” he explained. “They are almost kind of parables. They are basic stories. I decided that I didn’t necessarily want them to be tied to modern life so my songs for the next album could have occurred at any time in history. The challenge is to make them relevant to people. As for the actual music, I’ve done all the percussion and I’m writing the lyrics now. When I’ve got all the music behind me, I’ll record the album in as live a way as possible. I think if anything the pace of these songs is a little faster. I do think that now I’m a much much better songwriter.”

The full story at has since been removed.

Mike Skinner Q&A

The Sun’s Something For The Weekend caught up with Mike Skinner in a Q&A and asked The Streets rapper when he realized his drug-taking had to stop. “You think you’re acting normal but then you get that moment where you realize it has to stop,” he said. “You realize you’re in a trouble. There were millions of moments when I realized the drugs and drink were out of control. But since the 90s I think there’s nothing you do as a pop star that no one else does. This idea of a hedonistic lifestyle doesn’t exist. In a way it’s totally normal.”

Mike Skinner’s Drug Scare

The Sun reports that The Streets rapper Mike Skinner has admitted he worried about his future when there was no one to stop him doing drugs. “When you’re an artist you make an album and then you do what you like,” he said. “Most rock stars don’t mean to die, there’s just nothing to stop you carrying on taking loads of drugs.”

Mike Skinner Warned To Stay Away From Leilani Dowding By Boyfriend

The Mirror reports that Mike Skinner aka The Streets ran into trouble after picking up on ‘Celebrity Wrestling’ star Leilani Dowding on Monday at Embassy nightclub as her soccer star boyfriend Jeremie Aliadiere seethed in the background. “Leilani was in deep conversation with Mike and was laughing a lot,” a source said. “And Mike just couldn’t stop looking at her cleavage in her tight, white jacket.Jeremie got the right hump and sulked off upstairs into the VIP room to talk to some pals. You could see him looking down at Mike, giving him evils. Then he went storming up to Mike and told him in no uncertain terms to lay off his girl. When he saw them flirting it really hit a nerve. Jeremie was furious and not having any of it. Let’s just say Mike got the message.”

Dizzee Rascal, Mike Skinner Land Docu-Film Role

The Streets rapper Mike Skinner is being lined up to star in a new movie that celebrates youth culture in Britain today. Others tapped to appear include Jentina and Dizzee Rascal. “This is hopefully going to be the film that sums up life as a young person in Britain today,” a movie insider explained. It will be talked about in years to come. Mike was the first person thought of for the role and the offer is currently with his management. They are very keen to get involved in the project.” Read more.

Mike Skinner Blowup At Hotel Bar

Mike Skinner aka The Streets blew up at a doorman at the posh Carlton Hotel in France prior to a headlining gig at the Palais des Festivales in Cannes on Wednesday. Skinner and his posse were told “Non, Monsieur” by the doorman when trying to enter the hotel’s bar for some drinks. “Everyone’s mood changed – Skinner had a right go at the bouncers,” a spy revealed. “He was effing and blinding at them, saying things like ‘I’m one of the festival’s main acts let me in’ – but they wouldn’t budge.”

Mike Skinner Tops UK Singles Chart

The Streets 'Dry Your Eyes' single cover

This week’s UK singles chart shows Mike Skinner of The Streets top the list debuting with ‘Dry Your Eyes’, which edged out the Shapeshifters hit ‘Lola’s Theme’ and former S Club star Rachel Stevens with ‘Some Girls’, each dropping one slot. J-Kwon’s ‘Tipsy’ held at #4, while Usher’s ‘Burn’ slipped two spots to #5.

Mike Skinner Visits Radio 1

Mike Skinner from The Streets joined Radio 1’s Jo Whiley for a chat on Wednesday (July 21). Asked about getting nominated for the Mercury Prize, Skinner said, “Don’t bet on me winning ’cause I’m not going to the ceremony! It’s a bit a whirlwind at the moment and I stay in defensive mode, in my own little world, but it’s a great award and I’m very proud to be nominated again. I want The Zutons to win it!” has since removed the audio.

Mike Skinner Denies Stolen Sample Claim

Mike Skinner of The Streets visited Radio 1 to deny claims he lifted a string sample from his new single ‘Dry Your Eyes’ from Michael Galliano without permission. “Well, it’s a couple of years ago I started that beat and it’s on a sample CD. You buy sample CDs and you pay for the copyright,” he told Jo Whiley. “You pay a lot of money for the CD and you’re buying the copyright. Anyone that buys that CD can use that riff.”