Twista ‘Make A Movie’ Video Ft. Chris Brown

Twista 'Make A Movie' music video

Twista is out with the music video to his new single ‘Make A Movie’, featuring Chris Brown, off the Chicago rapper’s eighth studio album ‘The Perfect Storm’, out now on Get Money Gang/EMI Records. Watch the Colin Tilley directed video via YouTube below.

Twista Attends ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Awards

Twista ASCAP Awards

Twista was on hand for the 23rd Annual ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Friday (June 25). The rapper has been pushing his new single ‘I Do’ to his Twitter followers (@twistagmg):

I’m mind fu**ing you right now, go request my new single “I Do” at your local radio stations LOL

Cali kush got a nig feelin gooood ya dig- yall show luv on my new single-lets push it to the top

Man who cant relate to my song “I Do” rich or poor-just focus on doin you, ya diggg

Twista ‘Wanna See Em Buss’ Video

Twista is out with the video to his new single ‘Wanna See Em Buss’, featuring Liffy Stokes, off the Chicago rapper’s seventh studio album ‘Category F5’, out now on Get Money Gang Entertainment/Capitol/EMI. Watch it via YouTube below.

Twista ‘Birthday’ Video

Twista 'Birthday' music video

Twista is out with the video to his new single ‘Birthday’, the second release from the Chicago rapper’s seventh album ‘Category F5’, out now on Get Money Gang Entertainment/Capitol/EMI. Watch the Morocco Vaughn directed video below.

The Alchemist ‘Smile’ Video Ft. Twista & Maxwell

The Alchemist 'Smile' music video

The Alchemist is out with the video to his new single ‘Smile’, featuring Twista and Maxwell, the second release off the Beverly Hills, California rapper/producer’s second studio album ‘Chemical Warfare’, out July 7th on E1 Music. Watch below.

The Alchemist 'Smile' cover art

Twista ‘Wetter’ Video (Version 2)

Twista 'Wetter' music video

Twista is out with version 2 of his music video for ‘Wetter’, off the Chicago rapper’s eighth studio album ‘Category F5’, out July 14th via Get Money Gang Entertainment/EMI/Capitol. Watch via MySpace Video below.

Twista 'Wetter' cover art

Twista ‘No Love’ Ft. The Game

Twista has posted audio to his new song ‘No Love’, featuring The Game, off the Chicago rapper’s upcoming eighth studio album ‘Category F5’. Listen via YouTube below.

Twista Explains Why His New Album Is Titled ‘Category F5’

Twista checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@twista) on Tuesday (January 6), revealing why he titled his forthcoming sixth album ‘Category F5’. The Chicago rapper tells readers:

One day when I was doing some writing, I was thinking of a new title for my album and I thought to myself what could describe the sh** I’m about to drop on ni**as this year? When I looked up the different levels of a twister, I saw there was 5 categories of twister. The top category is 5, incredible damage. Strong frame houses lifted off foundations and carried considerable distances to disintegrate; automobile sized missiles fly through the air in excess of 100 m (109 yd); trees debarked; steel reinforced concrete structures badly damaged; incredible phenomena will occur. I said to myself “Yeah, that perfectly describes what I am going to do to these whack ass rappers in the game.”

Twista Offers Free ‘Money To Blow’ MP3

Twista checked in with his MySpace friends (@twista) on Saturday (November 3) with the following bulletin:

I know its been a minute since I wrote, I just been out here promoting the album and getting my group the Speedknot Mobstaz ready for next year. I got this song called ‘MONEY TO BLOW’ that I want y’all to have, tell me what ya think. I will give you the link below so you can download the song, if ya think it’s that heat we need for the streets, hit me back and let me know and also request it at ya local radio stations. luv.

The download link for ‘Money To Blow’ at has since expired.