A Hip-Hop Explosion

Sam Reinders of iafrica.com writes, “Van Gogh, The Beatles, Katherine Hepburn, Andy Warhol — and even Michael Jackson. These are artists who have, in their specific spheres, defined a space in time. An era. In the hip-hop arena, in my opinion, are doing just that. They are defining our times. In the hip-hop world they’re the Shumaker of their business. Before I get backs up I do agree that the hip-hop world has other pioneering talents — the likes of , Dre, Snoop and 50Cent all come to mind — but Blackalicious serves up a different beat. It is soul infused. Deep, funky, gut wrenching soul — combined with evocative lyrics that are delivered by one of the best battle rappers on the scene.” The full article has since been removed from iafrica.com.

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