A Tribe Called Quest Rocks First Concert Since Coming Back

Contributed Anonymously:

A Tribe Called Quest performed their first concert in 7 years at Street Scene 2004 in San Diego,CA by the new ball park. Being their first concert since coming back, people from young to old anticipated the return of these rap icons. Ali, , Phife and even Jarobi blew out all performances including ones by and the . They performed mostly songs from ‘The Low End Theory’ album but the crowd and every lover was grooving to ‘Bonita Applebum’ and they went nuts when they heard ‘Can I Kick It?’, ‘Scenario’, and ‘Award Tour’. A hilarious moment during the show was when smokers in the front row threw nickel bags of weed on stage and Q-Tip picked one up and said, “Hmmmmm…what do we have here?… Care packages!”, and placed it in his pocket and kept performing. These cats haven’t lost a step.

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