A Woman’s Perspective

There have been a few stories and essays on women and rap lately and I just wanted to give my opinion on the subject. I know that many complain about the likes of , , etc. and the way they act towards females. The way I see it, when it comes to the women who comment on this subject there are four kinds; the feminists who condemn men for demoralizing women in rap videos and songs; the women who partake in these videos or in the real life of these rappers who do it for the money; the women who also partake but do it for their own pleasure; and the women who don’t do it, but are not bothered by it.

The first (the feminists) : I am not a big fan of these people, as they meddle in things that do not concern them, place blame on men when it is not their fault (they don’t force anyone to do anything, the girls do it out of their own free will), judge constantly, seem to have unresolved anger issues and make all women who enjoy sex look either like helpless victims or nymphos. I take issue with this. I happen to love sex personally; I am a sexual person, I feel that as I am still young and good looking I should be able to enjoy it while I can. I do not have sex because men force me to – so I am no victim, and I do not have some addiction to it. These women who do not seem to grasp that concept hinder women’s rights more than they help them.

The one’s out for money – It’s not my style, but some women have no problem gold digging or using their bodies to make some money. If that is okay with them then who are we to argue? Everyone seems to win; the guys get hot girls and the hot girls get some cash. And there is no need to feel sorry for them being exploited because they obviously want the money more than they want their purity. It is their decision.

The ones out for a good time – Obviously I am a bit bias on this side as I fit into this category. But this seems to be the most harmless; the guys get hot girls and the girls get hot guys. Very simple. And again, no one being exploited and no harm done. Little girls do not watch this and automatically wear slutty clothes, and the little boys do not watch this and automatically start treating women like sex objects…if they are that easily manipulated then they have bigger issues to worry about than attitude.

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