Aesop Rock Promises No Filler In Weathermen’s New Album

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@aesoprockwins) on Thursday (January 1), celebrating the start of a new year and offering an update on Weathermen’s new album. The hip hop artist tells readers:

These past few months have been very busy for me, and are leading into an even busier 2009. I have been working on some new production gigs that will be announced as soon as the powers that be allow me to speak. I think (and hope) that some of this stuff will be a pleasant surprise to any fans of what I do. Keyword – ‘surprise’. Too vague? Well….

Here’s something a little less vague – Weathermen album, bitches. songs are being written and recorded now. NOW! If I weren’t such a gentleman I’d betray all of my friends and leak this new joint sitting on my desktop right now. I’m looking at it right now!!! It’s so new!!!! So… so… hang on I’m gonna play it while I write the rest of this… ok better. Jesus man I love working with these motherfu**ers. You know, I try to steer clear of the incessant braggadocio that is sickeningly prevalent in rap today… the 24/7 pissing contest is really not my thing… but it’s January 1st 2009 so gimme my day – I ask you – who has an iller crew than us!? Who?! Nobody. There is nobody in any of rap’s 9000 sub-genres that comes close to what we bring to the table. Period. Straight up. This will not be some thrown together back-burner bullsh** posse album comprised of mail-in 16s and unnecessary collabs. No filler. *end pissing contest (I win).

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