Ali G. Says Tupac Is Alive, But Biggie Is Dead

Ali G. weighed in on the murders of and Biggie. On 2pac, he scoffed at the though he was dead: “Well, firstly, you can’t be thick, right? He ain’t dead. I mean, the proof is, if you rearrange the letters of Tupac Shakur, you get U Trap Cak Sh. There’s a spare U, which refers to the CIA, obviously. As if that ain’t enough proof, my man Jezzy F., check this, right? He saw him in Woolworths in Langley Village, buying a mini stepladder. Probably because he’s got some shelves up high where he’s got all the evidence about him being alive.” As for Biggie, “Yeah, he’s dead.” He added, “‘Cause I’ve asked around. No one has seen him for ages. Plus, he’s a big man, so he’s well easy to see, ain’t he? You can’t hide him.”

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