All Is Cool Between Puffy And Heath Ledger

Access Hollywood caught up with Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs for his reaction to the story that Heath Ledger had gotten in an altercation with his bodyguards the other night following the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards in New York. Puffy says he’s good pals with Health, whom he worked with on ‘Monsters Ball’, but his security just didn’t recognize him since he doesn’t dress up much like many celebs would. Read on for a transcript between Puffy and Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush.

BB: You pick up the newspaper, there’s the “post,” puffy’s bodyguards
getting straight with a footloose heath ledger.

BB: The report? A fiery confrontation between heath and the bodyguards
when ledger and his girl, naomi watts, danced too close to diddy’s table.

BB: The heath ledger thing, see, people don’t know me and heath. We’re
good friends.

Diddy: Only reason I’m here, so you can think about your son.

BB: The connection? Both starred with halle berry in last year’s “monster’s
ball” and became extremely tight during filming, since they were stuck
together in the middle of nowhere outside of new orleans.

Diddy: In this back plantation hotel, so it was like just me and him,
and we would be out on the porch all night talking, so we became really
close. And heath is not like your average typical movie star look. He’s
kind of like understated.

BB: Yeah, understated. Apparently, that look didn’t help as ledger approached
his pal.

Diddy: Heath is from australia and he parties hard now. So he’s very
happy to see me. So they see this guy, and he’s coming at me, he’s like,
“puff.” People don’t know that we’re best of friends.

BB: As for the reports of an altercation? For a change, it’s true.

Diddy: So did he get a word in with your bodyguards though? Apparently,
some guy from tabloids snapped up a $5000 picture of him getting mad at
the bodyguard.

Diddy: Yeah, yeah. I mean, he definitely let them know he was a friend
of mine.

BB: Were you proud of him for getting loud with the bodyguards?

Diddy: I mean, heath gets down. Heath’s from australia, he goes all

BB: And P. Diddy’s ining all out for his new mtv show, “making the band
2,” planning to create the next superstars of hip hop.

BB: Seeing you up there and the life that you’ve managed to carve out
for yourself, does that frustrate them, you think, or is that gonna give
them a little inspiration?

Diddy: It’s nothing but inspiration. If I could do it, they know that
there’s a chance that they could do it.

BB: And then maybe get the ice. Check out this gift. Diddy’s new $22,000
cartier watch.

Diddy: My birthday’s coming up, and this is a good start of the type
of gifts I’d like I mean, I would love to get.

BB: As for the reality show making of the band 2, it airs tomorrow night
at 9:00 on mtv.

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