Amerie Doesn’t See Much Of Nellyville Tour-Mates interviewed Amerie, who talked about her opening slot on the Nellyville tour. Asked if she had been hanging out with the other Nellyville artists, such as , Fabolous, or Cash Money, she responded, “Oh, all the time! We always … nah, I’m playing [laughs]. No, actually, I’ve met Nelly before, but I’ve spoken to him briefly. I haven’t seen his face on the tour yet. This is the third week and I haven’t seen him except on the stage. And I’ve seen Fabolous in passing. I’ve seen Cash Money kind of in passing. A lot of times we went to go film at the Apollo. We did Apollo tapings, we did Soul Train today, and I saw them. I guess when you’re an artist and you’re in a town and you just take advantage of what’s there. It’s definitely … you know, people think that when you’re on tour, you’re seeing everyone, but everyone is very much in their own world as far as what you’re doing business-wise. Sorry guys! No crazy stories and all that stuff.”

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