Anonymous Rapper X Parallel Releases ‘The Symbol’ EP

After two years of being under contract without any official album release date in sight, an unidentified rapper has just released an independent project under a new moniker. Renaming himself X Parallel and concealing his identity to avoid any potential repercussions, he has decided to strike out on his own without the backing of his label.

X Parallel says, “I won’t name names, but those who were supposed to work in my best interest pushed me to the side to focus on their Top 40 artists. Maybe it’s because I don’t rap about the same nonsense these other artists do. After two years of empty promises, I decided to take action. The music industry is a sinking ship I don’t want to be on any longer. This new project may be risky but it will finally allow me to be heard.” X Parallel adds, “I’m working with producer Trae Sevn as well as a new up-and-coming team who has no connections to the team I was formerly associated with. As an independent company, they don’t have resources like a big label does but they understand what I’m trying to do and don’t expect me to be the next Drake or Kanye West. For me, that’s priceless.”

X Parallel’s debut EP, ‘The Symbol’ is now available on iTunes, Napster, and all other major online music sites. Stream the entire X Parallel EP below.

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One thought on “Anonymous Rapper X Parallel Releases ‘The Symbol’ EP

  1. says:

    The inflection in his voice is a little off, but could this be Rakim? The circumstances sound like his as well, but…I’m not sure.

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