Artist On Artist Interview With ‘Lottery Ticket’ Stars Ice Cube & Bow Wow

and star in the new film ‘Lottery Ticket’, and the rappers turn actors spoke with each other for MySpace’s “Artist on Artist”. Bow Wow explained how he grew up on N.W.A. and wanted to emulate Ice Cube, while Cube throws nothing but praise Bow Wow’s way as he describes how Bow has successfully carried the torch. “I study who I’m supposed to be and I don’t let the Ice Cube, whatever people thinking get in the way of what I need to do performing wise,” Cube told Bow Wow. “That’s one of the hardest transitions from rapping to acting, is to get all the hip hop heads out of your head. All the people who don’t want you to be nothing but a rapper. Everybody is gonna have something to say. People are gonna like your performance, people are gonna hate on your performance, but you gotta know you did your best and that you’re not bringing them on to the set. The haters on to the set.” Watch the discussion via MySpace below.

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