Asher Roth Discusses New Album, Eminem Comparisons

Asher Roth

talked with ThisIs50 about his new album ‘Asleep in the Bread Aisle’, the story behind the title, getting it out on the 4/20 holiday, his hit ‘I Love College’, comparisons, and the biggest misconception about him. He’s also seen performing and hanging out with Cee-Lo and Beanie Sigel.

“It’s really hard to comment on someone who I don’t know personally,” Asher said of the Slim Shady tag. “For me, I want that same respect. I want the same respect in the sense of people shouldn’t comment on someone they don’t know anything about. So there’s a lot of speculation on who I am as a person, and a lot of preconceived notions on he’s just a wannabe this or that. And they’re basing that on one interview or ‘I Love College’. There’s just so much more going on.” He thinks it will be a matter of time before his sound, which isn’t as dark as Eminem, when people will understand him as an artist.

Watch the interview via YouTube below the cut.

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