Atmosphere’s Slug Flattered By Eminem Comparisons

Dan Reines of the San Francisco Weekly spoke with Slug (aka Sean Daley) of , the Minneapolis-based hip hop duo comprised of himself and DJ/beat-maker Ant (Anthony Davis). Though Slug is the racially mixed grandson of a black jazz trumpeter and he has always identified as black, he looks white, thus the inevitable comparisons to . “Let’s face it,” says Daley, “Eminem is a fu**ing icon right now for a lot of fu**ing people. So [the comparison] is flattering. It’s almost ludicrous, though.”

As for Slim’s rep, in many circles, as maybe this country’s biggest a**hole, Slug said, “Yeah, that’s the public perception. But I’m sure that there’s a handful of little 15-year-old suburban white kids with dreadlocks that think I’m a fu**ing asshole too. But they aren’t the ones that know me from day to day. My great illusion in life is that nobody thinks I’m an asshole. … And I’m doing pretty good with that illusion right now.”

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