Aubrey Berry Charged With Dolla Murder


TMZ reports Aubrey Berry, the man allegedly behind the shooting of at a shopping mall in Los Angeles on Monday, is set to be arraigned this afternoon. The 23-year-old is being held on $5 million bail on two counts of assault with a firearm and one count of murder.

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4 thoughts on “Aubrey Berry Charged With Dolla Murder

  1. Deandrw says:

    Man that’s messed up man Dolla was very good at way he did that man didn’t have to shoot Dolla he didn’t have a gun oh him so what was that point in shooting him he knew Dolla was gonna stomp that fool so he went out like a punk a$$ and shoot him like a b? Man I been on YouTube and I saw the video of his uncle on that news man you can tell he was really hurt man I wanted to cry myself when I saw that and I saw were his brother had his blood on his shirt and man it’s messed up how they had that white dude on that news that one who said that were army crawling it’s messed up that Dolla had just got shot but still in yet the white dude was laughing and joking on that news I would of lay his a$$ out if I was there but to Dallas mom, uncle, brother and the rest of the family man may god be with you and even though you feel that Dolla’s not around doesn’t mean he’s not he’s in a place way better than this and I know he’s watching over you guys and we all are pray for you guys R.I.P. Dolla it ain’t that same with out cha brah we that’s all that’s all I gotta say but hit me up. Alright I’m out peace. Deandrw Tipton aka that DoT I’m out peace

  2. Taye Taye says:

    This is really a time to stop and pray. No one individual knows all of the truth. It’s time out for black on black crime. No matter what the case we as African Americans need to get it together. Martin, Malcom, Medgar, did not sacrifice so that we as a people can subject ourselves to voluntary suicide and slavery. What will it take for young black men to stop and think about that which is really important like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. When will woman, bling, and drugs stop being the end all to our self worth. Instead of claiming blocks own them. Instead of claiming women marry them. Instead of killing and fighting sit down and talk it out. Most problems have simple solutions if you take the time to think them through. From what I’ve read Aubrey is clean as a whistle with no priors not even a traffic ticket. This guy has a perfect credit score. To top it off he is a college graduate from one of the top 20 HBCU’s in the country. Does the above description sound like that of a Murderer? Just asking…..This is truly a tragedy and I’m praying for all the families involved…..

  3. nina says:

    it is hard to believe Aubrey killed Dolla and said he was scared if he was scared he would of shot him in the leg or something this man went for the kill plain and simple Aubrey is insane

  4. nina says:

    Aubrey should be in a hospital.

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