B.o.B ‘Strange Clouds’ Album Artwork & Track Listing

B.o.B 'Strange Clouds'

is out with the track listing for his second studio album ‘Strange Clouds’, which is hitting stores May 1st on Grand Hustle. “‘Strange Clouds’ is kind of a science-fictiony kind of title, mixed with recreational activities,” the rapper told Popcrush in regards to the album’s concept. “It’s really like a fusion between the hip-hop lifestyle and the people whose thoughts cross into the other realm of thinking, outside of the norm, which may be considered strange or weird, or unique. And, I feel like it’s all about hybridizing these two different worlds – on the ground level to the skies. If that makes sense.”

‘Strange Clouds’ Track Listing
1. Bombs Away feat. Morgan Freeman
2. Ray Bands
3. So Hard To Breathe
4. Both Of Us feat. Taylor Swift
5. Strange Clouds feat. Lil Wayne
6. So Good
7. Play For Keeps
8. Arena feat. Chris Brown and T.I.
9. Out Of My Mind feat. Nicki Minaj
10. Never Let You Go feat. Ryan Tedder
11. Chandelier feat. Lauriana Mae 12. Circles
13. Just A Sign feat. Playboy Tre
14. Castles feat. Trey Songz
15. Where Are You (B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray)

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