Baby Bash Busy Adding Friends

Baby Bash

posted the following bulletin to friends on his Myspace on Sunday (August 26):

HOLA!!!! I just added another 4200 new friends to the FAMILIA!!! It only took a few hrs!! haha!! just wanted to say WELCOME!! I wish I could message everyone individually but I would neva be able to get out of this HOTYEL ROOM!! LOL!! The single CYCLONE iz numba 9 on the charts rite now so I wanna thanks all yall for BUMPIN and SLUMPIN it!! Keep it MOVIN and stay PUSHIN my amigos!!! (I’m in LA for a few days recording wit JR ROTEM (he did SEAN KINGSTONS album)!! And he got some fire for me to work with so be ready for some HEATROCKS when the album drops!! Oct 16th yeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Stay 100 RONNIE REY has left the BUILDIN!! Gone>>> adadadmean!

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