Baby Bash: ‘Cyclone’ Video Almost Done

posted the following bulletin to fans on his Myspace on Saturday (August 4):

I know theres somthin wrong with my page and the song CYCLONE aint playin right!! I called me record label and told them to FIX THAT CHIT!!!! haha! so please be patient wit me and it will get fixed!! sorry AMIGOS and AMIGAS!! I hope errybody is doin LOVELY and HEALTHY!! the video to CYCLONE iz almost done gettin edited!! and it was a SICK ASS SHOOT!! its gonna be bigg and GALACTIC yall !!!and I also wanna say WHAT IT DOOKIE to all the newy ewy friends I just added (like about 3000 of em) LOL sorry it took so long!! Ill keep yall posted in the meantime!! stay blessed and ULTRA FLY for ya boy boy!!!!RONNIE REY all damn day! gone

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