Baby Bash Recording With South Park Mexican… In Prison

Baby Bash

checked in with his Facebook followers, talking about recording with jailed rapper , who has been serving a 45 year prison sentence on aggravated sexual assault of a then 9-year-old child. Bash writes:

on my way to do another song wit SPM for the PLAYAMADE MEXICANZ album! we have so many new verses from him!locked down or not his voice will b heard! spread the LOVE and pray for the TORNADO victims and families! COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!

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19 thoughts on “Baby Bash Recording With South Park Mexican… In Prison

  1. N@TuRn3r says:

    Baby Bash must be desperate to make a hit. Not only is SPM a convicted pedophile, but he’s been accused of molesting SEVERAL underage girls.

  2. Sierra says:

    he is not desperate… and if so oh well… that’s the past now is now I say FREE SPM

  3. The wet back sinaloa says:

    Everybody makes bad choices and that’s what happened..the consequences is where it hurts more. But well, he’ll get over it.

  4. ricardo says:

    Don’t forget that Baby Bash is also a part of Dope House Records and used to be under their label and Baby Bash has also made a lot of songs with SPM before

  5. Cassi says:

    I mean SPM will always be a phenomenal rapper…. He just really fu**ed up. But who is to say the conviction were real. There was NO real hard evidence. So we don’t know anything. And Baby Bash is just doing what all other rappers do…. stick by the fellow recording artists. Pimp C was recording in jail too…:) I miss Carlos Coy aka SPM.

  6. Incandesio says:

    Want to learn more about Carlos Coy’s case? please check out the blog SPM Aftermath.

  7. Reason says:

    SPM admitted to impregnating a 13 year old girl. The child is living proof. In the past you say? Is it in the past for the girls he molested? They were CHILDREN. Free SPM? I hope he bleeds to death from being raped in prison. They don’t like pedophiles in jail, take it from me. I’ve seen what they do to guys who come in on molestation charges. I was locked up for pot. If you want him out of jail, your just as messed up as he is. I don’t care how ill somebody is on the mic, if they molest little kids they deserve to die.

  8. The sinaloense cartel says:

    Don’t care what happened… All I know he raps dad my respects for SPM.

  9. Incandesio says:

    I understand what you’re saying, but by all accounts I can find Odom was working in a strip club when they met; that means she looked old enough to get hired, and old enough that grown men were interested in seeing her strip. It happens pretty frequently:

    There’s a huge difference between hooking up with someone you think is over 18, and molesting a kid.

  10. BabiiDee says:

    Spm iLove yur music I wounder if ill ever get the chance to meet yu thats my dream.. Free Spm,

  11. Chiquita de Nucas Tx says:

    People will ALWAYS talk wheather its true or false.Sum of these Little girls probably have gotten molested before and Now to get molested just for Money. Money is NOT everthing Carlos IS innocent ! ! ! FREE CARLOS I love his music and i hope and pray i met him before i die ! ! ! ! LOVE U SPM !



  13. FUK WITH MEH says:

    FREE SPM n those littlegirls knew wtf they were doing n wut were they doing n a place were there not suppose to b n little hoez FREE S.P.M MUCH LOVE <3

  14. La Angel Eyes 13 says:

    All I can say is that both sides are victims & That both families are going through a hard time in life my heart goes out to SPM family and to the victims family .

  15. cali says:

    much love 2 da dope house, and 2 all the gente dat believe and support the MEX. I’ve been listening to him since I’ve been 13 am now 25 , i tell u sh** never gets old, is like bumping sum 2PAC. Am from Cali and is odd that I wouldn’t have a Mexican Cali rapper as my number 1, truth is, this guy is the sh**, numero 1, top gun, top mojado…. FREE SPM!!!!!!!!

  16. tony says:

    yea nut what had happen to him

  17. Bethany Blue says:

    WTF!!!! Ok so he’s a dope rapper…I luv his rhymes…so MAYBE we could argue he thought the 13 yr old was 18…but come on the 9 yr old was his daughters friend there’s no way he thought she was legit! Shits f****d up!!

  18. Stephanie says:

    Free my homie boy spm man people are hating hard on spm those people that lie on him just want his money spm never did nothing to dat grul they are just hating let spm out of jail man all this bitches and mortherfu**ers are talking sh** saying that spm fu**ing rap lil gruls no he don’t people are talking sh** cuz they don’t have to do nothing all day but just run they mouth Joe ( king love) everyday we live we are not afraid to die. White people will never stop hating on us man all white people need to get fu** out here we don’t want here the only thing white people do is are dicks and white people need to go to he’ll white are the most people I hate for doing this to spm white people want to get rid us the Latinos we want get rid of white trashes around the world fu** white people all day let him out spm has nothing to do with lil girl that lie thru teeth all that time I did not know the was lying thu her age the ones that need to get lock is the ones that put in jail now in days police don’t give a sh** that’s why this world is fu**ed up in some kinda way so it’s doesn’t mean u need to lie to someone to put someone jail just cuz u want there money best believe me people can lie all day but just as once someone told me dat a liar will always be a liar and that liar doesn’t have a long life and that s true so best believe that u won’t live long until a hater comes to your door and shot you cuz you lie I wish one day I can make a song to open your mind spm is the best rapper in the world live u spm maybe one day I can met spm and make a song together I love his music god will take care of spm because god know that spm did not do that FREE MY NIKGA SPM NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dumb white people

  19. Angel Gallegos says:

    He’s nasty no matter how u put it and y’all need 2 quit hanging from his ballz. Spm this and that and he’s so great. Nobody but God is great u idiots who are swinging from his pubes.

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