Baby Bash Thanks Fans For Positive Thoughts About ‘Cyclone’

Baby Bash closeup

checked in with his MySpace friends (@babybash) on Saturday (November 3) with the following bulletin:

WOW! I wanna personally thank you! I can’t believe all the the comments and LOVE I got from y’all who picked up the ALBUM! I really FEEL GOOD about all I did now! It’s funny cuz a lot of you have chosen different songs as your fav! And I’m still tryin to catch up to all y’all but there are like THOUSANDS of comments I got from y’all about the album! I’m still on the road GRINDING RIPPIN and RUNNIN YEEEE! But I still try to answer you! NOW! I been gettin a lot of real EMOTIONAL THOUGHTS from those who have military LOVED ONES about 1 particular SONG! ‘AS DAYS GO BY (The Love Letter)’! I can’t tell u how blessed you made me feel that I have touched some your lives and gave you HOPE! It really means a lot to me! (I know I like to clown and be funny and silly when I chop it up with y’all)! But on a serious note, you made me FEEL VERY SPECIAL! I will never forget some of the notes y’all have sent me! I’ll talk to u SOONER than SOON! LOVE!

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