Baby Gushes About His Luxury Car Collection

The new Rolling Stone magazine features rock-star rides, including the “about forty vehicles” owned by Big Tymers rapper Bryan ‘Baby’ Williams. “I got a Ferrari,” he said. “but I don’t really drive it fast. I got a new Bentley, a Corvette, an Aston Martin… I got three stretches – a PT Cruiser, a Lexus and an Excursion. The Excursion’s about 100 feet long. I spent $125,000 getting that one right. I wouldn’t even try to drive it – I don’t think I could turn it. And I’m seldom home, so when I am, I try to drive as many as I can in one day. I might ride my Lincoln early, then my Benz, then my ‘Vette,” which includes $15,000 worth of Louis Vuitton leather upholstery.

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