Bad Boy Beef: The Hoodfellaz Take On Da Band, P. Diddy

While Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs insisted otherwise, Hoodfellaz’s oldest member, 21-year-old Don Morock says he’s disappointed ith Bad Boy and he and his groupmates want to jump ship. “A lot of tension is building,” Morock told MTV News. “I just think it’s time to part ways. We’re hurt. We wanted to rock with him … we thought he wanted to rock with us. Now this is how we’re showing our anger.” Bandmate Blassy also fumed over Puffy spending so much time on the New York City Marathon, even if it is for charity. “He’s talking about how he’s running [the New York Marathon] ‘for the kids,’ ” Blassy scoffed. “I got a kid, Morock got a kid, what about our kids?” Read more.

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