Bang’em Smurf Explains 50 Cent Video Shoot Run-In

Former G-Unit member Bang’em Smurf spoke with about the rumor waved a hand gun or made some kind of threat at a video shoot for his latest aspiration, GF Records. “He did not wave no handgun. His hands were outside his pockets, beside his waist the whole time,” Smurf explained. “He had police with him. He had two vans of police with him. All he did was jump out. I had my dudes over there. I was in the trailer [when he came] and somebody told me ‘I think 50 rode by but I wasn’t sure. I think because he had tint [on his windows].’ I got hype like, ‘What? Son is coming through my sh**?’ I though he was trying to shut my sh** down. So, I went outside and me and [50] made eye contact as he was turning the corner. I guess that’s what made him jump out. So I started going crazy. I’m like, ‘Son, how you gonna come through here with police.’ When he jumped out the police jumped out with him. So, I’m thinking, ‘What does this dude think he is – George Bush or something?’ I’m like, ‘Son, you not the president. Why are you coming through here with police?’ All he said was, ‘What are you thinking about?’ I’m like, ‘What? Bitch ass ni**a.’It was like 500 people out there for my video shoot. Everybody out there shouting ‘Guerilla Gang.’ [50] took his loss like a man. He turned around, jumped in his van and left. Police left with him, jumped in their van and left.”

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