‘Barbershop’ Bashers Need To Get A Hobby

Mary Mitchell of the Chicago Sun-Times lashed out at civil rights leaders for going after ‘Barbershop’ for including put-downs of revered civil rights figures. Mitchell said, “We have seen too much hypocrisy from our civil rights leaders to be outraged over jabs by a fictitious black character. Indeed, while activists are foaming at the mouth over a line in a movie, they have forgotten what happened when the real Rosa Parks came to Chicago in 1996. Parks certainly wasn’t treated like the ‘Mother of the Civil Rights Movement.’ The frail and elderly woman was forced to peddle over-priced books to schoolchildren to raise money for her foundation. When she arrived in our city, she didn’t know how her hotel bill was going to be paid. How ‘special’ is that? Where was the outrage from civil rights activists then?”

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