Battle Royale: Canibus Vs. Dizaster

Battle Royale will take place June 9th at Exchange LA and the main event features vs. Dizaster and undercard features Illmaculate vs. Arsonal. VIP and general admission, PPV (UStream) tickets are available now. View a new video trailer for Canibus vs Dizaster Battle via YouTube below.

“You better come with some f**king bars! I don’t want to hear no f**king excuses when this sh**’s f**king over; no excuses! This is your chance to prove yourself homey,” Dizaster warned. “That’s the great thing about Hip-Hop. That if you get blackballed, that if any stupid sh** happens to you in Hip-Hop, no matter what somebody says to you at the end of the day the power of the word is what remains. So you can save yourself, because ain’t nothing going to hold me back from doing what I gotta f**king do to you bro. That’s it, ain’t nothing going to save you. Nothing—see you in Disneyland bro!”

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