Ben Burgess Releases Self-Titled Mixtape

Singer/songwriter is now streaming his track ‘Whatcha Gonna Do’, featuring ‘Australian Idol’ winner and ‘X Factor’ judge Guy Sebastian. ‘Whatcha Gonna Do’ is featured on Ben’s self-titled mixtape, available for free download on his official site.

Ben Burgess

‘Ben Burgess’ Track Listing:
1, What Cha Gonna Do (feat Guy) 03:38
2. Never Rains In California 03:14
3. College Girls (feat Lil C.) 03:34
4. Filthy Mouth 02:54
5. Party Like A Pornstar (feat Ty$) 03:08
6. Be My Woman (ft Natureboy Rowe) 03:59
7. Supras On Slow 03:50
8. Dear John 03:22
9. The Trouble With Wimmin 03:33
10. Strpper Pole 03:17

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