Benzino Comments On Eminem Beef & New LP caught up with to talk about his new album ‘Redemption’ and of course the ongoing fued with . “It’s just a double standard,” Benzino says in regards to Eminem being able to do things black artists can’t and get played on TV/radio. “To me it’s obvious, I’m not saying 7 million people don’t go out and buy his record, I’m saying make it a even playing field and certain media portrays him to be #1 and say that he’s crossing racial barriers and to me it’s the old okey doke and we keep going for it. As long as we keep saying well ‘it’s not like that, he’s nice.’ It’s not about him being nice ’cause his way of rhyming, if he was a person of color he wouldn’t be taken that serious. I think he came into the game humble but now he starting to believe he’s king of hip-hop.”

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